10 Undeniable Reasons People Hate h

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10 Undeniable Reasons People Hate h

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Teacher accused of online child grooming: 'I can see this is wrong'

A teacher charged with hacking is being released on bail after admitting to taking indecent photos and video of eight-year-old schoolgirls.

Teachers' union boss Frank Fetterman, 53, a long-serving civil servant, has now been cleared of one count each of possessing indecent images of children.

He faces the maximum term of 12 months in jail after a judge ordered him released on bail after giving Fetterman three days to submit to a psychiatric examination and attend a rehabilitation programme.

Fetterman's lawyer had said earlier this month that he was a victim of online grooming and that the teacher may have engaged in online sexual contact as part of his job.

The teacher faces a charge of gross indecency against another schoolgirl.

According to reports in Britain's Daily Mirror, Fetterman was caught at his local branch of schoolgirl magazine Mandy, selling the images and videos of the children on social media. The magazine covers education, art and life, which is one of the subjects he is banned from.

An investigation into the teacher's case began after an anonymous tip-off from a member of the public in 2011. An investigation revealed that the teacher was communicating with another teacher who was allegedly acting as a customer for the sexual activities on Fetterman's computer, with Fetterman sharing the photos and videos on his own social media.

The teachers union says Fetterman, the former headmaster of a nursery school who is still employed by the school, could face the loss of his job if he cannot secure bail from a judge before he goes into hiding at the end of the year.

At his preliminary hearing last week, Judge David Hughes said: "You were clearly aware of the risk you had committed in using photographs and videos to engage in a sexual activity with your eight year-old pupils, which would result in the harm of their injury. The harm caused to these pupils from your offending are of a much larger concern, in my opinion, than, let's say, whether their physical injury is caused by a bus or a house or a car.

"However it is that damage caused to young pupils at any level is, of course, of serious concern and the harm that you cause is, to the extent it affects a small group of young people, obviously of particular concern."

Hughes added: "That you had a sexual relationship with your eight-year-old pupils should be enough to have created an element of concern.

"You knew what had happened in the past so you cannot be excused or blamed for not acting sooner. It is a matter for you and it is not a matter of anyone els

Former festival director wants new concert hall

"We were very excited to get to share it with the fans, and we want to give the fans what they want," said Chris.

Chris and Mark have been friends for years, and he's worked as a director for a number of music festivals.

"We both do what we love and love what we do, and when we want to do something we've worked together on, we don't need any outside help. It's been very helpful for them," he said.

For Chris, having a new concert hall meant he'd have an opportunity to do things his own way.

"It's always easier to do something with your friends you've worked with before. That means going into this new one with the same vision, and that's what we wanted to do here," he said.

"We're all a big part of the music community, and this was more of a homecoming than anything, really," he added.

As Chris and Mark worked on the new concert hall, they were already taking on some work that had been on the books for a while.

"It's really nice being able to use all of the work that you've already done here to give it to fans more quickly."

In the past, the musicians have been able to work out their plans around gigs, but now they'll have to give their music more time to breathe.

Music festival owners want to hold them

Since the new music festival could launch the idea, Chris is expecting all of the artists involved to put their plans on hold for now.

"I expect them to come back in, just as long as we get the venue built properly," he said.

There's also been some concern on what will happen to the existing concerts and the events they had already been holding, if the new one is opened.

The artists involved in the original music festival are all willing to come back.

"If they want to come back and do something with the event on this site, they can, but we can't say anything," Mark said.

There'll be a new stage, but it'll be a new stadium

There won't be much new music under the new arena.

"We're going to stay open, you know, have a smaller festival, but we're going to move towards a bigger venue, and it's not too big, it's not too small. The venue is going to be bigger and bigger, as we know it is right now," Chris said.

Music has always been part of the city of Saskatoon, and the new project brings a new experience to the community.

"The music that we d